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Stella Rijeka is a Certified Licensed Professional Fiduciary

Stella Rijeka, Stellar Fiduciarywhich means she has the training, experience and qualifications to provide the secure financial, and kind respectful personal care management you require when it is no longer possible or desirable for you to do so yourself.

Stella believes each person has the right to a self-directed life even during times when assistance, sometimes significant, is required. She recognizes the need to support people whose life circumstances have changed, and she is endlessly resourceful in finding solutions that serve you.

Stella is a staunch advocate with strong working knowledge of the resources, services and systems that will support those no longer able to do so for themselves. Her culturally diverse experience includes working with people facing medical and mental health limitations, as well as changing family dynamics.

As a certified licensed professional fiduciary Stella will serve you with a stringent commitment to tend to your wellbeing above other considerations and to protect and secure your assets and estate with the utmost prudence and keen adherence to the fiduciary code of ethics.

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A Staunch Advocate for your Wellbeing

Financial Management:

Reliable Money Management Provides Ease and Comfort

Trust and Estate Management:

A Stringent Commitment to Protect and Secure Your Assets and Estate

Personal Care Management:

Kind and Respectful Management