Stellar Fiduciary


When an individual can no longer effectively manage the tasks associated with one’s personal wellbeing and the security of his or her personal property, a conservatorship may be established by the courts. As a court appointed conservator, Stella would step in to manage the specific aspects (see below) of a person’s (the conservatee’s) life as determined by the courts. In such times of potential confusion and loss, Stella’s kind diligence, understanding, and compassionate expertise, bring integrity and assurance to this significant life transition.

Conservator of the Person

Stellar Fiduciary - Financial ManagementBelieving in the inherent dignity and worth of each person, Stella establishes the financial structures and network of personal support necessary to provide for the wellbeing and chosen lifestyle of a conservatee. Conservator duties could include ensuring provisions for housing, food, clothing, education, religious/spiritual involvement, recreation, money management or health care decision making. Within these designations, as conservator Stella is steadfast in her duty to support an individual’s wishes and desires. In order to sustain the least restrictive lifestyle possible, Stella could suggest care options that may include community resources, day treatment services, a Wellness Recovery Action Plan, or life skills education and support.

Conservator of the Estate

A conservator of the estate manages the finances, personal property and business of the conservatee, decedent, or beneficiaries of an estate. Duties and tasks are designated and overseen by the courts, as indicated in estate administration (above).

Voluntary Conservatorship

If desired, Stella is able to perform the duties of a conservator without the court order, and would work with you to establish the parameters required to support limitations and provide the necessary structure, protection and care.