Stellar Fiduciary

Personal Care Management

Stella can help with your personal care management, whether you live at home, in an assisted living or nursing facility or a community setting:


  • butterfliesAssessing care needs according to health conditions and preferred lifestyle
  • Coordinating resources and referrals.
  • Evaluating & monitoring your personal care
  • Managing your medical care including:
    • appointments, treatments, therapies & medication(s).
    • communication and supervisions with doctors & nursing staff, aides & attendants, and household staff.
    • as Health Care Representative.
    • when emergencies occur.
  • Representing your wishes as Health Care Representative regarding:
    • decision making.
    • presence and support.
    • communication with loved ones.
  • Providing for your overall wellbeing through:
    • activities and a sense of purpose.
    • community and engagement with others.
    • hobbies and education.
    • religious or spiritual involvement.
    • fitness and fun.
    • finding resources.
    • advocacy